Coal powder process solution


Coal is the main solid fuel which is one kind of combustible organic rocks. It is formed by lush plants in certain geological age being piled up in thick layer and buried in underwater or sediments for a long geological time. The whole process is a natural coalification.

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Powder process technology

The first stage: Chucks of coal were crushed by crusher , then transported to raw material storage by special vehicle when drying the moisture less then 6%.

The second stage: After drying, the coal was elevated to storage hopper by elevator. When coal drop out from storage hopper , then it will be evenly given to main engine by feeder.

The third stage: In the powder process , qualified product will flow into the collector through pipe after sieved by sieving system . After collecting , finish product will be discharged from powder pipe , unqualified product will fall in the main engine and regrinding.

The forth stage: The purified airflow discharged into air through afterwinds pipe which above the dust collector , the whole wind path is unrecycled but open system.

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