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Calcite is a mineral calcium carbonate mineral, the main component is CaCO3, generally it's transparent or white, even variegated. The MOhs hardness is 3, the density is 2.6-2.94,presenting some glassy luster.

The calcite powder as a filling material, is most often used in artificial stone, Artificial floor tile, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, painting,plastics, Composite calcium new plastic, cable, papermaking, toothpaste, cosmetic,glass, medicine, paint, oil Ink,electric insulation, food, weave, fodder, binder,sealant, pitch, building materials, fire-barrier ceiling, and daily chemical series products.

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Powder process technology:

Calcite powder the powder processing usually has two types, the fine powder processing(200mesh-400mesh)and Super fine powder processing(600mesh-2500mesh). the processing flow:

Acquisition of calcite ore→Calcite ore crushing: enter into the mill after being broken by a crusher with a 15mm-50mm fineness→the fine powder is processed by the HC pendulum series mill,HCQ series and so on; Super fine powder is processed by HCH Super fine roller mill→Calcite powder storage and packaging: after finished powder being collected by collecting system, it will be delivered to finished product warehouse by the screw conveyor and bucket elevator, at last they will be loaded or packaged.

The first stage: The big calcite is delivered to hopper, then the material will be delivered into jaw crusher by forklifts or worker, finally the material is broken to a demand size which is no more than the max size of the feed inlet of main unit.

The second stage: The material will be delivered to the receiving hopper by bucket elevator after being broken. then material enter into the main unit by vibrating feeder from the hopper.

The third stage: After classified by the classifier, the qualified powder comes out of main unit and enter into the collector through pipes, that is the finished product, however the unqualified parts return to the main unit to be grinded again.

The fourth stage: The purified flow of air flows into the blower through the outlet pipe above filter, the whole wind path is a circulatory system. the air flows between grinding chamber and blower is under the positive pressure, the rest works under the negative pressure. Besides, the chamber is also clean.

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