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Coating Machine

Zenith coating machine has the function of modification and depolymerization, and it is applicable to modifying various materials. It can reach excellent surface modifications for such materials as heavy / light calcium carbonate,kaoline, talcum,wollastonite, mica, white carbon black, zinc oxide,alumina, silicon powder, graphite, magnesium-hydroxide bariumcarb,illite claystone and pyrophylite, hexagonite and etc.

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Test for coated powder and uncoated powder

Here we do one test about the water-solubility of coated powders and uncoated powders. You will find the differences.

Technology Advantages

  • Continuous operation &Large Capacity

    Continuous operation, large capacity, suitable for industrialization production in various scale.

  • High Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption

    Higher use and lower consumption of modifying agent, high covering and active index of power.

  • Fit for any fine Materials

    The coating machine is suitable for any fine materials by the function of modification and dispersion, and it has the special active effect on material with small proportion and big cubage.

  • Little Change of Granulate Shape

    The shape of granule changed a little by mixing and running the powder and agent in high speed and vortex, and it can modify the powder efficiently in this way.

  • No Pollution

    Running at vacuum, air tight, no dust leakage, no pollution, good operation condition, low labor intensity.

  • Continuous and Stable Operation

    The continuous and stable operation is realized by independent fluid and non-fluid adding system.

Grinding System

The surface treatment of powder is completed mainly by three rollers. The dry powder and the modifying agent are put into the roller simultaneously. With the high speed rotation they are running in the form of fluidizing vortex. The modification is completed with the heat generated by high speed shearing, colliding and friction among the rotor, stator and the powder.


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