XZM244 in Mexico

Quantity: 1 sets

Material: Limestone

Input and output size: 600-1200mesh

Customer feedback:

We purchased this mill mainly to process limestone for plastic pvc pipes. After using it for a period of time, it is found that it is efficient and low-energy, and the output is more than twice as high as that of the jet mill, but the energy consumption is 30% lower.

Moreover, the equipment runs smoothly and without vibration. The most important thing is that the discharge fineness of this equipment can be changed by the electric control cabinet to change the speed of the classifier to produce powder of different fineness. And the host is equipped with a soundproof room, and has an optimized design of the muffler to more effectively control the spread of equipment noise.

During the contact with zenith, it is not just the quality of the equipment that makes me feel credible. The timely communication and feedback of the salesmen is also part of the reason for choosing them. Although there are time differences of more than ten hours, no matter what the problem is, Giving feedback at the first time, which makes me feel that the service and after-sales are very secure.



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