XZM236 in Turkey

Quantity: XZM236+packing machine + coating machine

Material: Limestone

Input and output size: 600-800mesh

Customer feedback:

I have also known many suppliers of micronized powder production equipment in China before, but decided to use German and Italian equipment. It is well known that their equipment has a longer service life. But at the same time, the investment cost in the early stage was very high.

This time, I contacted zenith. After the previous communication, factory visiting and company negotiation, I felt that I was a reliable company. I also bought one set of XZM236 ultrafine mill with a try attitude. After the equipment was installed and operated, it was found that not only the fineness of the powder can be adjusted, but also the output can meet our needs. High production efficiency, precise cutting, and coarse powder will not run out of the grinding chamber.

We have refreshed our understanding of Chinese equipment and hope to have more cooperation in the future.




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