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Vertical Roller Mill Operation Principle


As the main push product of ultra-fine grinding equipment, the application of vertical mill has broad development prospects. Standard installation and operation of vertical grinding to ensure the normal performance of the vertical roller mill.

As a huge production system, the vertical roller mill installation process should pay attention to the safety inspection of the internal structure.

First, check that the fasteners of the vertical mill are secure and avoid production failures due to loose parts.

Secondly, the sealing of the internal structure is checked, and the slag vertical mill adopts a closed grinding system to achieve a dust-free production process. Therefore, checking the internal structure of the equipment can prevent air leakage, leakage, oil leakage, and the like.

Finally, check whether the cooling water system and the water spray system are normal before starting the machine. The cooling water can cool the equipment in the production process to ensure the normal operation of the vertical mill.

In addition, it is also necessary to check: 1. Maintain the load on the grinding roller; 2. Uniform flow rate; 3. Uniform distribution of the entire grinding roller; 4. Uniform grinding of the entire grinding roller; 5. Heating of the material; Ability; 7. Clean the grinding roller with a spatula or brush.


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