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Vertical Roller Mill Technical Innovation


Vertical roller mill has become the main equipment in the modern cement production line. With the needs of the operating mode, the material of vertical roller mill components and manufacturing method have a great progress. In recent years, vertical roller mill is favored by enterprise, because of its relative low power consumption, setting grinding, drying and powder selection as a whole, adapting to a wide range of materials, easy adjustment of fineness and varieties. Now, the grinding technology development trend of cement plant, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple process flow system, is coincided with the vertical roller mill's advantages. Vertical roller mill will become the future development trend of cement grinding.

However, at present, the vertical roller mill in grinding system has been the larger controversial problem. Vertical roller mill as final grinding cement, not only have higher requirements on the fineness, also should have a certain particle size gradation. Cement fineness requirement can be adjusted by adjusting grinding pressure. The cement particle size gradation requirement can be adjusted mainly by the separator inside and the mill powder selecting system outside. The difference between various vertical roller mill is mainly used the different powder selecting devices or other mechanical structure set. But their basic principle is same. In actual production, we can't only through these methods adjust the product particle size distribution, but also through other measures to adjust the product particle size distribution.

The different vertical roller mill manufacturers will choose the different materials and manufacturing method in the manufacturing grinding mill parts process. The manufacturing method can be mainly divided into three kinds: one is casting, two is casting and welding, three is the casting and inlaid with ceramic particles. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the new dry process cement production line, which is under construction in our country and has been approved, has many.

In the new dry process cement production line, the host of the raw material grinding is generally vertical roller mill. Cement grinding production line also adopt some vertical roller mill. We can estimate that how many vertical roller mill is under service in a new dry process cement production line. In addition, dozens of vertical roller mills serve in powder production line. With the development of science and technology, establish technological innovation will be faster and faster. In the near future, vertical roller mill will have more wide application.


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