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Maintenance Of Ultrafine Mill


The service life of the ultrafine mill has a great connection with its maintenance work. In the work, its maintenance can not be ignored.

  • Maintenance work should be adhered to. After each stop, check whether the bolts of the machinery are loose. If loose, be firm.

  • Check the amount of lubricant in the bearing chamber before and after the main engine, and refill it on time. The bearing chamber is injected with the axial end. A lithium-based lubricant is injected into the cap. When lubricating, first check the lubrication condition of the bearing chambers of the front and rear of the main engine, such as grease fouling, be sure to clean it; update the grease and see the bearing wear condition to see if it needs to be replaced.

  • Also check the bolts on the outside of the ultra-fine mill and ask for their robustness. To open the main machine, check the wear condition of the hammer, if it is necessary to update the new parts; check the fan blade connecting bolts, whether there is looseness, whether the leaves are worn seriously, if it is loose, it should be strong or replaced; check the lining plates of the crushing parts and Whether the body fixing bolts are loose or not, the looseness is to be strong, and the lining plate is seriously worn to replace the new parts; check the inside of the burning furnace to remove the scale and repair the lining.

The maintenance work of the ultra-fine mill should be carried out well to ensure that its grinding work can be carried out very well.


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