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Reasons For Damage To The Roller Assembly Bearing


Damage to the oil seal causes the bearing to be short of oil and ash. 

The oil seal is an important part to ensure that the oil is not exposed. If the oil seal is damaged, it will cause the bearing to be short of oil, ash, run the outer edge, and the bearing is locked. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the oil seal of the mill. When the bearing is short of oil, it should be refueled regularly according to the instructions. It should be noted that the added lubricant must be selected as the most suitable, and the filling must be in place. If ash is introduced, it should be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of pollutants and damage to the bearings.

The gland and seal cap screws on the upper end of the grinding roller assembly are loose. 

During the long-term operation of the mill, the screw of the gland is easy to loose, and the fine powder in the machine cavity enters the interior of the assembly. If the bearing is locked and the bearing is locked, the grinding roller will stop rotating, causing the mill to not operate. Normal, bearing heat, etc. Therefore, the fixing screws on the grinding roller assembly should be regularly tightened and maintained.

Exhaustion damage is the most common way of damage to bearings. 

Common causes of fatigue damage are: long-term overload operation of bearings, failure to repair in time, improper maintenance, equipment aging, etc., so it is necessary to suspend, timely repair and replacement.


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