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How To Improve The Output Of Grinding Mill


In general, in order to make the powder output is more higher during the production process of grinding mill, there are the following requirements:


1. Scientific and Reasonable Matching

When grinding mill is working, on the one hand, it should consider whether the equipment model can meet the daily production requirements and avoid the overload load of the equipment. On the other hand, the material selection should be as moderate as possible, which is more suitable for grinding mill. The material is used to prevent the hardness of the material from being too large, it is difficult to achieve the grinding operation, and it is blocked at the discharge port, which makes it difficult to produce powder.

2. Reasonable Selection of the Host

Considering the load carrying capacity of the main motor is a factor that improves the production efficiency of the mill. Increase the kinetic energy of grinding mill, adjust the belt or replace it.

3. Regular Maintenance

After the grinding machine has been used for a period of time, it should be inspected and repaired. At the same time, the wearing parts such as the grinding roller and the blade should be repaired and replaced. The grinding roller device should be carefully checked before and after use to see if there is any looseness. Whether the lubricating grease is added enough, and when the grinding roller device is used for more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time.

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