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Vertical Roller Mill Performance Advantages


With the increasing use of powders in industrial production and daily chemical production, the application of vertical roller mills is relatively more and more. In the process of powder production, the performance of the vertical roller mill determines the efficiency and cost of the entire production line.  The work efficiency of the vertical roller mill is improved for components and operations.

The vertical roller mill is a kind of ring rolling mill combined with airflow screen pneumatic conveying form of the milling equipment. It is a versatile milling equipment. It must have dry continuous milling, and the particle size distribution is concentrated and fine. The degree is continuously adjustable and the structure is compact. 


The vertical roller mill has created a new era of international industrial milling with high efficiency and low energy consumption, and a wide range of different stone milling production.  The finished product size is adjusted in the range of 80-425 mesh (1000 mesh finer). The vertical roller mill can also produce a 30-80 mesh coarse powder by adding special equipment.

The new type of vertical roller mill is based on many years of technical summary, and then according to the market demand, the vertical roller mill working principle and customer feedback to improve the technology, the vertical roller mill is mainly from the main engine, reducer, Air blower, dust collector, jaw toggle, fighter hoist, electromagnetic vibrating feeder and electronic control system. 

The dust removal effect of the vertical roller mill with technical improvement has reached the national emission standard, and the analysis and adjustment have been simplified. The vertical roller mill adopts the overlapping multi-stage sealing grinding device, which makes the sealing performance very good. .

In the process of powder production, in addition to understanding the working principle of the vertical roller mill, the production enterprise also needs to flexibly use the advantages of the design of the vertical roller mill, so that the function of the vertical roller mill can be exerted to help the powder increase production efficiency.

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