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Raymond Mill VS Ball Mill


Raymond mills and ball mills can grind materials and process them into fine powder materials, these two devices also have different essential differences. The fineness of the raymond mill is greater than that of the ball mill, so if the user needs a finer grinding material, it is more suitable to choose the ball mill equipment.

The Difference Between Raymond Mill And Ball Mill

The Raymond mill is mainly composed of a main engine, a fan, an analyzer, a finished cyclone, and a duct. The components of the main engine are composed of a blade, a grinding ring, a frame, an inlet volute, and a casing. When the Raymond mill is in operation, the material is fed into the machine through the casing. After entering the machine, the grinding roller swings outward and presses against the grinding ring. The blade feeds the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The rolling and rolling of the rolls can be used to break and grind the material.


The ball mill equipment is composed of a rotating device, a lattice ball mill, two bins, and an external gear transmission. The material enters the warehouse of the mill. There are many steel balls of different specifications in the warehouse. After the cylinder rotates to generate centrifugal force, the steel ball is driven to a certain height, thereby causing heavy impact and grinding on the material. After the material has been coarsely ground through the bin, it enters the second bin and is then ground. There is also a steel ball and a flat liner.

When selecting the milling equipment, the user should choose according to the characteristics of the material, such as the hardness of the material, the type of material and the desired fineness of the finished product. So when users choose, they need to understand the function and performance of their devices. With this understanding, it will be easier to select. 

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