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Barite Grinding Line In Mexico


Mexico is the third largest country in Latin America. It has rich mineral resources, such as oil, gas, gold, silver, copper, zinc, tin, phosphorite, celestite, graphite, sulphur, barite, and fluorite and so on. Among these minerals, the capacity of barite and tin ranks the third place in the whole world and the capacity of silver ranks the first place. So Mexico is also called ‘the country of silver’. Barite can be used as white paint, filler in chemical, paper making and textile and fluxing agent in glass making in order to improve the radiance of the glass. But the most important application of barite is used in oil drilling and to extract barium. Here, we mainly talk about barite grinding line and barite grinding mill.


Barite Grinding Line

Typically, a barite grinding line may include crushing equipment, screen equipment and grinding equipment. Before processing, we need to store and select the bulk barite at first in order to make sure the barite can be fed into the crusher evenly and continuously. Then use suitable crusher to crush the barite into small particles. After this, separating the small particles into different sizes, and feed the particles with required sizes to the grinding mill while the others will be sent back to crusher for re-crushing. The particles in the grinding mill will be ground into powder.

Barite Grinding Mill For Sale

Zenith can provide various types and models of grinding mills to process barite, such as ultrafine mill, trapezium mill, vertical grinding mill, hammer mill and so on. If the customer wants very fine barite powder, we suggest ultrafine mill. The fineness of ultrafine mill can reach 2500mesh. If the customer wants coarse powder, we suggest hammer mill which is particularly suitable for coarse powder producing. If the customer wants large capacity and high efficient mill, we suggest trapezium mill and vertical grinding mill. All in all, the engineer will recommend suitable model according to the detail requirements of the customers.

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