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Multi-faceted comprehensive utilization of calcium carbide slag to turn waste into treasure


Calcium carbide slag is produced by acetylene production of industrial waste PVC, a ton of calcium carbide water can generate more than 300 kilograms of acetylene gas, while generating 10 tons of solid about 12% of industrial waste, commonly known as calcium carbide slurry. Which is still a large proportion in our country. The dumping of industrial waste calcium carbide slag not only takes up the land resources, but also pollutes the nearby soil and water body. So how to convert the carbide slag into available resources is an urgent problem.
Ministry of Industry announced the elimination of backward production capacity list, 48 carbide-related businesses on the list, energy-saving emission reduction has become an important indicator of the development of calcium carbide enterprises in this context, multi-faceted comprehensive utilization of carbide slag in situ conversion, Carbide slag into inorganic chemical raw materials, is completely solve the carbide slag pollution environment, to achieve the path of carbide slag resources. So that carbide slag turning waste into treasure, has begun to become a hot pursuit of business.
In this context, the domestic approach to the treatment of carbide slag also tend to diversification, from environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of resources, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, at present, the most common way is to use carbide slag cement production. Calcium carbide slag composition is uniform, high calcium content, high-quality cement raw materials, used to replace the limestone production of cement is the largest amount, the use of the most thorough method.
Solid waste for cement production mainly carbide slag and cinder, such as a medium-sized coal production enterprises, the annual emissions of carbide slag is about 250,000 t, cinder annual output of about 80,000 t, the use of carbide slag production of cement Basically, the project can absorb all of the company generated within the carbide slag and cinder, in addition to the amount of fly ash can also be absorbed as a mixture of cement, so as to achieve the purpose of radical eradication of environmental pollution.
Calcium carbide slag is the main component of calcium hydroxide can be purified by the proposed calcium hydroxide, used in the production of light calcium carbonate. With the use of calcium carbide carbide slag production of carbon dioxide and flue gas carbon dioxide emissions combined technology to produce calcium carbonate patented technology successfully developed, the development of this industry is expected to solve the comprehensive utilization of domestic carbide slag problem. The carbide slag composition is uniform, high calcium content, high-quality cement raw materials, used to replace the limestone production of cement is the largest amount, the use of the most thorough method.
The domestic production of light calcium carbonate is facing the dilemma of adjustment, to get rid of competitive disadvantage, light calcium carbonate enterprises should play the advantages of comprehensive utilization of chemical production, development of environmentally friendly production technology. The use of carbide slag and flue gas as raw materials to produce light calcium technology, is a development direction.
At the same time, calcium carbide itself is a natural desulfurization agent, in terms of desulfurization has an unparalleled advantage. Circulating semi-dry flue gas desulfurization equipment is a set of desulphurization, dust removal, transmission ash combined large flue gas treatment system. Its successful development, commissioning and identification, not only out of a waste treatment waste, comprehensive utilization of new ways to achieve a breakthrough in the field of zero in China, but also created a "waste treatment waste" - with carbide slag desulfurization , The world's first, the development of China's environmental protection industry has far-reaching significance.
Especially along with the development of machinery industry, the emergence of a number of excellent product quality, the strength of the enterprise carbide slag crushing equipment manufacturing enterprises, broken equipment greatly improved performance. Such as the Shanghai World Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. production of DPX single-stage crusher in the calcium carbide crushing process can replace the traditional two-stage crushing to single-stage crusher effect, which not only reduces the multi-level broken equipment investment, civil engineering And electricity consumption, the overall production process simple and compact, but also greatly shorten the production time, to the effect of energy saving, more importantly, the carbide slag production capacity greatly improved, the fineness of materials can achieve the above comprehensive utilization Of the material requirements.
Another point to think about the problem, bad things may also be a good thing. Another way comprehensive utilization, waste can become a treasure. Comprehensive utilization of waste carbide slag, the benefit of one side of water and soil, benefit from calcium carbide industry, not to mention also be able to protect the environment, the benefits of a thousand generations of extension. 

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