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Twelve-five environmental protection plan or desulfurization out of stock as a key support indust


Recently, the environmental policy documents issued frequently. First, the State Council issued the "12th Five-Year" comprehensive energy-saving emission reduction program "," State Council on strengthening the focus of the work of the views of environmental protection, "followed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a" national groundwater pollution control plan (2011-2020) The introduction of a series of documents to "environmental protection" has become the focus of continuous attention to the market.
According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection sources, the second five-year environmental protection plan may be nuclear radiation, heavy metals, hazardous waste, hazardous chemicals and other aspects of pollution prevention and control as a priority, and in urban sewage treatment, waste disposal, desulfurization, denitrification and other environmental industries , And desulfurization, denitrification related industries will be key support and subsidies, good desulfurization, denitrification and other environmental industries.
As we all know, with the State Environmental Protection Administration of the steel, power industry, pollution control efforts to increase, will make the denitrification desulfurization industry in the next three years ushered in explosive growth, with the associated industry will benefit while undergoing a new round Of the market share, "hegemony" race, at present, domestic and foreign thermal power plant using desulfurization process has more than 100 species, and the most widely used is the limestone desulfurization technology, and how the lowest cost system of limestone powder desulfurization industry has become the focus of chasing .
At present, desulphurization industry generally adopts vertical mill to make limestone. However, the cost of vertical mill is high and the wear-resisting part is not the best choice, and China's leading smashing equipment and wear-resisting material manufacturer Shanghai Shi State Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. production of YM efficient pre-mill the emergence of not only solve the problem, but also become the preferred equipment desulfurization industry.
It is reported that in November 2008 Xinjiang Huaneng Industry Co., Ltd. to undertake the oil desulfurization project, due to the project wear-resistant parts of the equipment, the particle size and other indicators are much higher than the industry, the project team of experts compared the national Various types of desulfurization equipment, such as ball mill, column mill and vertical mill, etc., but the proportion of superfine powder (<0.5mm) is too high, which accounts for more than 60% The waste and secondary pollution, on the other hand only ordinary crushing equipment, <2mm volume and too little, only about 10% in the sulfide bed can not complete the reaction, can not meet the production needs, not through field testing.
In the study of Shanghai Zenith Company found that the state of the DPX single-stage crusher, YM pre-mill composed of three low (low ultrafine powder, low investment, low power consumption) desulfurization unit, especially the world patented product YM150 Pre-grinding machine can fully meet the ring to desulfurization powder needs. To this end, Xinjiang Huaneng Industrial Co., Ltd. to introduce the Shanghai World Production of DPX90 single-stage crusher, YM150 pre-mill composed of three low-desulfurization milling unit, and feeder, shaker, wear accessories and other ancillary equipment, Still in use, the effect is significant.
Thus, the state of high-performance pre-mill in the desulfurization industry alternative vertical mill and other equipment stand out is the performance of the equipment, is focused on limestone crushing and grinding of perseverance. The 7th National Environmental Protection Conference opened soon, therefore, the government focus on supporting the desulfurization of the stock industry is undoubtedly a double-edged sword, that is, in increasing energy-saving environmental protection projects to support efforts, but also to promote the equipment production process innovation . Of course, the specific development of the situation, but also depends on the performance of the market.

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