Limestone Grinding Machinery

As a professional manufacturer of mining equipment, Zenith is able to offer all-round mining solutions for our honored customers according to their practical situations and particular requirements. Recently, more and more mining investors have inquired about the limestone grinding machinery made by Zenith. Here we focus on more details of limestone grinding machinery, also called limestone grinding unit.

Limestone Grinding Machinery

10mm limestone particles are feed to the center of the grinding table through the air locking feeder. Hot air comes into the grinding chamber, and then they move to the edge of grinding table from the center, and then are pulverized by the grinding roller until blown up by the airstream. Bigger materials fall down to the grinding table for further grinding. Finer limestone grains in airstream pass the separator on the top of the mill, and are gathered by dust catcher.


By contacting the hot airstream, the moisture materials are dried to meet your moisture requirement. As for the selection of limestone grinding mill, Zenith's MTM series trapezium mill can fully meet the production requirements. It adopts the latest national mill patents.

It has features as follows: new designing, reasonable structure, smaller size, lower energy consumption, longer service life, and less consumption of wearing parts, higher performance cost ratio, etc. The feeding size of MTM series trapezium can achieve to 10 mm or less. Of course, operators can precisely control the desired fineness according to the market requirement.

Operation of Limestone Grinding Machinery

To ensure the service life of limestone grinding machinery, workers should operate the grinding machinery according to the operation orders. Here are the routine orders for the operation of limestone grinding machinery.

  1. Before the installation of the limestone grinding mill, workers should get technical training and fully understand the operating principle, and regulations.

  2. In order to guarantee the grinding mill in a normal working state, a safety operation system must be established.

  3. It is necessary to have the required repairing tools, lubricant and grease, spare parts and accessories on time.

  4. At regular intervals, the?limestone grinding mill ?should receive an examination and repairing. The components of mill are vulnerable to worn out, such as grinding roller, grinding ring, relieving tool.

  5. Rolling bearings?in the roller sleeves must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced. The oiling tool can be either a manual oiling pump or grease gun.

Further information on our limestone grinding machinery, you can ask our online mining engineers for help. Zenith will make you reach the Zenith of mining business!


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