Magnesium Oxide Desulfurization

Magnesium oxide desulfurization technology is a promising desulfurization process, which is relatively mature. Magnesium oxide desulfurization process was widely used all over the world. Among them, more than 100 projects have been applied in Japan. 95% of Taiwan's power plants use magnesium oxide desulfurization technology, and it also applied in the USA, Germany, China etc.

Working Principle:
The FGD process system is mainly composed of a magnesium hydroxide slurry preparation system, flue gas system, flue gas pretreatment system, SO2 absorption system, absorption tower evacuation system, desulfurization by-product slurry transport system and dehydration system, and water supply system. The principle of desulfurization of magnesium oxide is that the basic oxide reacts with water to form a hydroxide, and then reacts with a sulfurous acid solution formed by dissolving sulfur dioxide in water to carry out an acid-base neutralization reaction, and the magnesium oxide reacts to form magnesium sulfite.


Technological Advantages:

1. Mature technology. Magnesium oxide desulfurization is one of mature process technology for the flue gas desulfurization processes.
2. High desulfurization efficiency. The magnesium oxide wet desulfurization efficiency can reach 95% to 98%.
3. The consumption of desulfurizer is small, and the source of raw materials is reliable. The consumption of light burned magnesium powder is only 42% of calcium carbonate powder for removing same amount of SO2.
4. Good market prospects for comprehensive utilization of by-products. If the by-product is not oxidized and aerated, the slurry can be dehydrated to form wet slag. The wet slag can be used as agricultural fertilizer.

Magnesium oxide (MgO) exists in the natural state as a free magnesite ore. Magnesite and dolomite are the main raw materials for producing magnesium oxide. In order to ensure good slaking performance and high desulfurization absorption capacity, magnesium oxide as a desulfurization absorbent should have the following main qualities:

Technical Parameter of MgO powder:


White or light grayish white

Content of MgO


Content of CaO


Particle Size

250-325 Mesh(45-60 Micron)

Loss on ignition (LOI)


HCl Insoluble


Chloride content(CI)


Sulfate Content(SO4)


Iron Content(Fe)


Manganese Content(Mn)


Silicon Dioxide Content(SiO2)


Stacking Density


MgO powder production line




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