Applications of Bentonite powder

1. Introduction of Bentonite
Bentonite, also known as porphyrite, bentonite, etc., is made up of montmorillonite as the main component, with good swelling, adsorption, and pulpability. After milling, it can be used as binder, catalyst and decolorizer. Etc., widely used in more than 100 departments such as metallurgy, foundry, chemical, food, building materials, petroleum, textile, ceramics, machinery, etc., the industrial value is considerable.
As the main way to realize the value of bentonite---milling processing, it is bound to attract the attention of investment users. What equipment is used for grinding bentonite into powder? Usually, it uses the “crushing--milling” joint processing technology. The core equipment used in the equipment includes Raymond mill or ultra-fine mill. The auxiliary equipment includes jaw crusher, bucket elevator and electromagnetic. Feeder, etc.1.jpg




2. Applications of Bentonite Powder
1) Casting
Bentonite is used as a raw material to process the forming sand binder. The sand binder is a binder and a sand grain, and the sand particles are coated to form an adhesive film, so that the sand particles adhere to each other, thereby imparting sufficient strength to the sand mold and the core. It is not deformed and broken during handling, assembly and casting. It is mainly used in high pressure molding, air punching, static pressure molding, and shockless vacuum pressure molding.


2) Drilling Mud Bentonite
Drilling mud bentonite is mainly composed of montmorillonite. Its main uses are: protecting the well wall, returning debris, lubricating drilling, preventing corrosion, and also making mud thickener, latex stabilizer, oil-in-oil slurry and high temperature resistance. A card release agent or the like is used to cool the drill bit. 


3) Iron ore pellets
Bentonite is a highly dispersed substance which, upon addition, changes the specific surface area of the mixture, so that the capillary diameter within the green sphere is reduced and the capillary force is increased.

4) Bentonite Desiccant
Bentonite desiccant is also called montmorillonite desiccant, clay desiccant, fast water absorption, low cost, non-toxic, odorless, non-contact corrosion, no environmental pollution, mainly used to prevent instruments, meters, electrical equipment, medicines, food , textiles, military products and other various packaging items damp (including maritime transport). .

5) Sewage Treatment
Bentonite can be used as a clarifying agent for turbid water, a water repellent for contaminated water, a sewage treatment agent, and the like. Bentonite is used to treat waste water and waste such as printing and dyeing wastewater, gas washing wastewater, and MSG factory, and the removal rate is 99.5%.
6) Construction
Using lubricity on the bentonite, adhesive sealing, thickening and gelling properties to make mud, used for lining wall anti-seepage of various soil operations, such as partition wall construction, grouting, caisson, piling, land seepage prevention, Cement and concrete construction additives, solid water transportation, sewage treatment and tunnel shield lubrication. 


7) Food
Bentonite can be used as a clarifying agent in wine, white wine, rice wine, beer, and soy sauce, vinegar, and MSG to remove impurities and improve purity. Also used as food additives and emulsifiers, can be used as calcium supplements and diet foods.
8) Coating
Bentonite is used as a multifunctional white coating in the paper industry. It also acts as a pseudo-vibrating agent in the pulper, acts as a retaining agent in the machine, and acts as a rheology modifier in the pulp.
9) Soil amendment
After the bentonite is applied to the soil, it can absorb water and expand, changing the proportion of solids, liquids and gases in the soil. The bentonite production line makes the soil structure loose and can improve the physical properties of the soil, so that the soil not only retains water and protects fertilizer, but also does not Contaminated soil environment, which is an extremely effective soil amendment for dry areas.

3. Bentonite Powder Grinding Mill Selection
Trapezoidal mill is a fine grinding equipment widely used in the field of milling such as bentonite, limestone and calcite. As a grinding mill, Shanghai Zenith Company is very concerned about the application of bentonite and the application value of bentonite. The milling equipment promotes the utilization of bentonite resources. According to the needs of bentonite customers, Chengdu Funet specializes in the selection and configuration of exclusive selection, and formulates the scientific and reasonable price selection of bentonite high-pressure mill. Welcome to call us.
It belongs to the category of industrial minerals and rocks. It is an ore and is a sticky or clay rock with montmorillonite minerals that have reached the available content. Naturally produced bentonite ore exhibits various colors such as white, light gray, light pink, grayish green, brick red, grayish black, and the like. Bentonite is an extremely versatile non-metallic mineral resource.

For bentonite grinding, the facilities are divided into two parts.
First, the main equipment
1) Raymond Mill
As a general-purpose mill, Raymond mill is suitable for bentonite grinding, which can reach the fineness of finished powder in the range of 80-325 mesh. The adjustment range can be changed according to user needs, and it is more It has bright spots such as stable rotation, high screening rate, long life, more energy saving, no pollution, less dust, and the quality of the processed bentonite powder is better.
2) Superfine Mill
Ultra-fine grinding machine can be said to be a supplement of Raymond mill. Its fineness is generally between 80-1250 mesh, which meets the requirements of higher standards. It has low energy consumption, more feeding, fine discharging and grinding. High pressure, good sealing, no pollution, safer and other bright spots.

Second, auxiliary equipment
1) Jaw Crusher
The equipment is a simple initial crushing process for bentonite. It has simple structure, high efficiency, energy saving, low carbon and high yield. The quality of bentonite after crushing is excellent, and the grinding stage is simpler and more efficient, which contributes to the improvement of finished product quality. .
2) Bucket Elevator
It mainly undertakes the transportation task of bentonite, and has the characteristics of low maintenance cost, high conveying efficiency and stable operation.
3) Vibrating Feeder
The device can uniformly and effectively feed the crushed bentonite into the host equipment, and has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, more uniformity and long service life.

4. Bentonite Grinding Project
Material: Bentonite
Input size: <10mm
Output size: 200mesh, D85
Capacity: 7tph
Moisture: A little more than 15%.


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