Petroleum Coke Solution

Petroleum Coke Solution
Part 1
1. Brief Introduction of Petroleum Coke
Petroleum Coke is got after crude oil separates, through distillation, light oil from heavy oil which then undergoes fission. It is the terminal “waste” in petroleum refining process. In terms of shapes, it can be divided into 4 kinds--- needle coke, spherical coke, sponge coke and powdery coke. So far, petroleum coke hasn't been listed as national energy and recorded in the energy consumption indices. Replacing oil by petroleum coke as fuel is a good way in new energy application and meets national policies.

Item Properties
Main Chemical Components Carbon content
Component Analysis(WT%) Carbon: 84.5%, Volatile Matter: 8%, Sulfur : 0.5%, Metallic Compound : 3.7%, Moisture : 3%, Ash : 0.3%,
Moh’s Hardness Around 4
Color Black, with metallic luster
Structure Porous
Density (g/cm3) 1.2~1.8
Category According to the structure and appearance of petroleum coke, it can be divided into needle coke, sponge coke, the projectile coke and coke breeze; According to the different sulfur contents, it can be divided into high sulfur coke and low sulfur coke.
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Part 2
2. Global Petroleum Coke Consumption

Part 3
3. Main Applications of Petroleum Coke

Application Fields Main Process or Purpose
Fuel for furnaceindustry Cement Generally, it’s crushed into the petroleum coke powder; petroleum coke, through primary crushing, drying, strong grinding process, is made into coke powder with certain specifications; Then, powder will be stably and continuously fed into furnace, and the high temperature will melt or heat the powder in the furnace, to get kind products conforming to the demand for quality.
Power plant
Graphite industry Graphite electrode making, some special carbon products ,etc
Smelting industry Steelmaking, aluminium metallurgy, non-ferrous metal metallurgy ,etc
Chemical industry Carbonization silicon products making, such as all kinds of grinding wheel, sandpaper, etc
Others Calcium carbide making, synthetic fiber making, acetylene making, etc


Part 4

4. Working Plants


4 Sets of MTW215 Trapezium Mills in Zhejiang, China
Raw material: Petroleum coke Input size: 0-100mm
Output size: 200mesh, D90 Capacity: 16-17 t/h (One set)

1 Set of MTM160 Trapezium Mill in Gujarat, India
Raw material: Petroleum Coke Input size: 10mm
Output size: 200mesh, D90 Capacity: 4-5t/h

2 Sets of MTM160 Trapezium Mills in Zhenjiang, China
Buyer: MC Zhenjiang Adona Solution Company

1 Set of MTM130 Trapezium Mill in India
5 Sets of MTM160 Trapezium Mills in Calcutta and Chennia, India

1 Set MTM160 Trapezium Mill in Spain

2 Sets MTW175 Trapezium Mills in China


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