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MB5X Pendulous Hanging Grinding Mill

MB5X Pendulum Mill has been developed for meeting the high demands for quality, performance and efficiency. It is suitable for grinding limestone, calcite, marble, barite, feldspar, bauxite, etc.

Technology Advantages

MB5X Pendulum Mill is the fifth-generation pendulum mill in current market with many invention patent technologies.

  • High grinding efficiency

    No shovel blade in the grinding cavity increases ventilation area and decreases resistance. In combination with large-diameter rollers, the grinding efficiency is improved a lot.

  • Low maintenance cost

    Grinding rollers adopts thin oil lubricating system which can lubricate rollers automatically, ensuring the stable operation and low maintenance cost.

  • Stable Operation

    In avoidance of violent vibration, MB5X Mill is equipped with volute elastic damping structure which keeps stable operation and reduces possible damage to the machine.

  • Laborsaving

    Main shaft applies oil lubrication which extends the oiling period without manual maintenance so that a mass of labor costs are saved.

  • Longer service life

    The use of wearable plate on the feeding hole of powder collector extends the service life.

  • Environment friendly

    MB5X pendulum mill uses pulse dust collector removing ash via pneumatic force, which has a good impact in environment protection.

Grinding System

The production line is usually composed of main unit, hopper, blower, motor, vibrating feeder and some auxiliaries.


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